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  • Mindy Ngo

5 Ideas For Your Virtual Gatherings With Friends And Family

Miss your friends and family? COVID 19 has had an impact on each and everyone's lives. It's hard not being able to see a lot of people close in your hearts. That's why virtual gatherings have become so popular! Want to make your virtual gatherings with loved ones more fun? Here are some fun ideas that can get your family or friends to all join in, even the little ones.

1) Create a theme and dress up! Putting on hilarious outfits or crazy hats will make everyone's day brighter! Themes from colors of the rainbow to dream jobs, the list goes on! You can get really creative with this one!

2) Stories with the grandkids are always so much fun! Have them read you a story over the call or read them one. It's always fun to get a new book in the mail and see them read it to you with those big grins on their faces! You could also start a virtual book club with your friends with your favorite drinks and appetizers!

3) Trivia time! Why not come up with a theme and work out some questions for everyone to guess upon? There are so many you can come up with starting from guessing their birthday to how many years you went without shaving your mustache, it's a real page turner!

4) Virtual charades is always a fun and exciting activity for everyone! Get your family and friends together for some laughter! Nothing better than seeing someone try to make an ice cream sundae without talking, good luck with that one!

5) Making some crafts with everyone is always a good way to get some time in together! From making a flower pot to painting a mug, there are so many things you could come up with! Get everyone involved on this one and show one another the finished product!


Stay safe and have fun, we will get through these crazy times!

Our PRIORITY is You.

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