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  • Mindy Ngo

About Country Living

Country Living was thoughtfully-designed in 2016 to provide a comfortable and safe environment for the senior community of Mountain Home. A home giving peace of mind, an engaging lifestyle that promotes independence consisting of enriching activities and events.

To ensure these things we spent over $400,000 of improvements to our building. We have replaced the aluminum windows with vinyl windows to reduce power costs and provide comfort to residents. We also replaced all carpeting in living quarters and hallways to reduce fall hazards and odors providing a more sanitary environment. Our other renovations consists of:

  • Replacing all in-wall HVAC units in residences to provide better air circulation for residents

  • Installed cameras throughout the facility to improve care and protect the residents

  • Internet and WIFI installed

  • Purchased computers for residents to communicate with family

  • Enhancement of courtyard for group activities

  • Purchased bus for transporting residents to medical appointments and activities.

  • Improvement of record keeping and charting of residents’ cares and assessments.

At Country Living we continuously strive to constantly improve and provide a fulfilled living, to cultivate happiness and longevity among our residents.

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