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Exclusive Availability at Country Living: Your Premier Assisted Living Experience


Country Living extends a warm invitation to individuals seeking round-the-clock care within our esteemed assisted living facility. We're thrilled to announce a limited availability for those in need of compassionate and award-winning care.

Key Highlights:

  • Revamped Spaces: Our recent renovations have transformed our facility, enhancing the ambiance with charming country-style bedrooms designed for comfort and spaciousness.

  • Comprehensive Medical Care: A dedicated in-house registered nurse ensures professional and attentive care available 24/7. Additionally, our facility hosts a doctor and psychiatrist who provide weekly consultations, ensuring residents' medical needs are met promptly.

Why Choose Country Living?

  • Medicaid and Private Beds: We're pleased to offer both Medicaid and private bed options, catering to diverse needs.

  • Community Commitment: As one of the largest employers in Mountain Home, with an expanding team of over forty employees, Country Living takes pride in being a significant provider for Medicaid Dependent Residents in Idaho.

Meet Tami Nichols, Owner

With an impressive background spanning 30 years in healthcare and a dedicated focus on assisted living for the past two decades, Tami Nichols epitomizes unwavering compassion and dedication to serving Mountain Home's geriatric community.

Experience the Gold Award-Winning Assisted Living

For inquiries or to schedule a tour, contact us at 208-731-4187.

At Country Living, we are committed to providing exceptional care and a comfortable living environment, ensuring our residents receive the utmost attention and support.

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