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  • Mindy Ngo

Ideas For The Fall Season!

Fall is here! The leaves are turning color, the air is getting cooler, and more people are getting outside! Now that it's not so hot, you can do a variety of activities to put you in the mood for this season!


1) Pumpkin Carving: grab some pumpkins and start carving away with friends and family! This is a great activity for everyone and you can create contests about who's is best or the most hilarious, have fun with it!

2) Soup for the Soul: there is nothing better than making some warm, delicious soup on a cool day. So many varieties of kinds you can choose and enjoy, from regular chicken noodle to creamy parmesan tomato soup, the list goes on!

3) Raking Leaves: leaves will be falling soon and they won't clean up themselves! Grab a few friends or family members to go around and rake up people's yards! Not only is it fun, but such a huge help for others!

4) Halloween Decorations: as we all know, the 31st of October is Halloween, why not make some fun decorations to spice up the place! There are so many to do like making ghosts out of styrofoam balls and tissue paper, baking cookies and frosting them with spooky faces, get creative with it!


These are just a few of ideas to get you in the fall spirit! Since COVID is still interfering with so much in our lives, hop on FaceTime or Zoom with friends and family if you're not able to be with them face-to-face!


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