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  • Mindy Ngo

Save Time For YOU

Have you been very busy lately and feel like you haven't taken time for yourself in a while? Now is the time! It's important that you take time every day to care for you.

Here are some things that you can do when everything feels a bit messy and chaotic!


1) Create some sort of calendar or agenda to stay on top of things:

Not only does it feel nice to have your days organized, but writing it out and seeing it visually helps keep stress levels down rather than events or to-do things scrambling around in the head.

2) Take a nap:

When the days have been long and exhausting, lay down and close your eyes for a bit. It's key for you to rejuvenate the body with some rest.

3) Do some cleaning:

Anytime of the day, it always feels good to have a nice space with no mess! Cleaning can be a great way to occupy your time, and you'll be left feeling rewarded at the end!

4) Meditate:

Meditation can be a great way to calm your mind. It helps you become more self-aware and decreases stress. Try this sometime when feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

5) Accomplish something you have been wanting to do:

Whether you want to finish a good book or get out and go for a walk, you deserve it. Make time for things that make you feel good, whatever that may be.

We people all have days where it feels so unorganized and hectic. To keep our stress levels from shooting through the roof, open up time for just you.


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