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  • Mindy Ngo

Start Your New Year Right

It always feels good to have goals and set plans for yourself. Start your 2022 off right by coming up with some things you'd like to work on, a trip you've been wanting to take, an ultimate life goal you've always wanted to accomplish, the list goes on. Here's just a few ideas you could potentially put on that list.


~Give one compliment a day to someone. It will not only make their day, but you'll feel good about yourself and it's better for our mindsets.

~Take a trip somewhere or do something you've never done before. Step out of your comfort zone and be daring. It's good for your soul and forces you to try and learn new things.

~ Read a book a month. If you love reading, challenge yourself and set a goal. This can also be with many things; cooking, sports, literally anything!

~ Clean that closet out that you've been dreading. Nothing feels better than a tidy house and fresh space. Dive into a deep clean and feel the satisfaction afterwards! Think of ways you can keep it up each week.

~Write down things you're grateful for. What in your world makes you full of happiness and love? Jot those down and feel the joy inside. If it's a certain someone, let them know!

~Get a calendar! If you're feeling stressed with so many things that are fogging up your mind, go get a calendar to help you stay on a schedule.

Before the new year, have a few things you'd like to accomplish, from eating healthier to riding elephants!


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