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  • Mindy Ngo

The Healing Power Of Human Connection

Our well-being doesn't just rely on nutrition and exercise, but relationships with other people are very important too.

What can we do to build those connections with others?

  • Our days go by too fast and it's easy to let the minutes go by, but we need to make time to engage with the people around us.

  • Whether it's sitting down on a bench and having a quick conversation about how you're doing or just walking past someone and saying hello, it goes a long way. People tend to be happier when they have had that human contact every day.

  • Sometimes it is tough to reach out to others first, but we should get in the habit of doing this more often. Making a phone call to a loved one or asking a friend to go to coffee creates those friendly connections that we need a lot of the time.

  • Being isolated from everybody can be hard on all of us physically and mentally. When you start building relationships with others, we not only feel more joy, but we become better with communicating to people.


The healing power of human connection is truly an amazing thing that we all need and want in our day-to-day lives!


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