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  • Mindy Ngo

Why Country Living?

Many assisted living homes have infinite love and care for their residents, but here at Country Living, we're dedicated to making our family feel at home!

Not only do we want to make sure everyone is getting what they need, but we want them to feel whole here. It is so important to be at peace when home. So, why us? Here are just a few ways that we excel as an assisted living facility.

1) We have around-the-clock supervision with a variety of staff who care for our residents including, house keeping, caregivers, cooks, med-techs, nurses, the list goes on. No matter what circumstances, we're here for each and every person and they're our number one priority.

2) Fun never stops no matter what age you are, believe it or not! Country Living provides fun indoor and outdoor activities for the residents to do during the day. Whether having BINGO with the whole family or being in a book club, we encourage building connections with the other residents!

3) Providing a safe environment for everyone is very important to us. We make sure all residents feel comfortable and safe here! Our staff delivers endless amounts of compassion and focuses on getting to know everyone!

It is our upmost priority to create a seamless transfer of trust between our staff and residents!

If you'd like to hear more about us, check out our website or feel free to reach out!


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